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Digitour Winter Coming To The Warehouse


Special to The Courant

Hey, guys! What’s up? Digitour is coming!

Digitour is where the virtual and the actual, or the digital and the physical, get all mashed up and in each other’s face. The concept is that some of the country’s big social media celebrities get together on a tour and go out to do their thing in front of crowds of adoring fans/followers/supporters. It’s basically a souped selfie-friendly meet-and-greet.

Sometimes these (usually very young) media celebrities just get in front of a camera (usually while casually showcasing really good hair) and talk about things like what their first tweet was, or making fun of their first post. The navel-gazing and unironic self-obsession is — for old people — kind of amazing. But, as with most generational evolutions, maybe the young ones raised on social media with smart phones in hand have just done what others before couldn’t bring themselves to do: successfully let their egos take the spotlight.

It’s savage. If you’re over 28, just accept that the future has arrived, and it’s different, only maybe not; it involves dance challenges, trying to keep a straight face, dares, unboxings, relentless mimicry, picking people’s style apart and blasts of earnest encouragement. Plus, sticking it to the haters. This is where you can parse how cringe-y the words like “cringe-y” are or how 2015 dabbing is.

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